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Go ahead. Ask her anything.


You know you've got questions... CherWear's got answers! If you'd like to know something that's not covered below, you may send an email to

What type of services do you provide?


I provide mobile makeup artistry and hair services to individuals and groups. I travel to your wedding, studio, or event venue and perform on-site professional services (which might also include airbrushing and/or false eyelashes). For price list, visit my services page.

What sets you apart from other MUAs?


Flexibility, experience and mobility. I come to YOU, not the other way around. With brides, I really connect with them during our consultation and stay in touch throughout the planning process--even following their Pinterest boards so I know exactly what kind of wedding atmosphere they have in mind. I bring lights and a camera to double-check how my work will look under professional photography lighting. The benefit from my experience comes from my having created virtually every kind of look on faces of every ethnicity.

Can't I just do my own makeup?


Of course...but depending on the event, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. This is actually a 'pet peeve' that I'm very passionate about (and not just because I work in the industry)! Take a wedding, for example. Some brides will spend huge sums of money on things like flowers, place settings and photography--and more power to them--but hesitate to hire a professional MUA?  A made-up face will be in all the photos and videos! That face, the one in your partner's memories, the one smiling in the wedding photos, should be your best, most radiant face. The typical, daily makeup application we all do is not designed to last all day or perform under photography lighting. Can you guarantee your false lashes won't pop off at the wrong moment?
The benefits of hiring an MUA are many. You get a professional application of professional-grade products and a look that will last all day, look great in your photos, won't cost an arm and a leg, and perhaps best of all: it's one less thing for you or a friend to do on such a busy, bustling day. In terms of wedding expenses, the cost for makeup application is minimal, but the impact is huge.
Seriously. Relax and let me take care of it. You'll be glad you did.

What events have you done makeup for?

More than I can fit on this page! I've applied makeup for live events such as bridal expos and wedding shows, speed dating events, theatre, fashion shows of all kinds--ranging from traditional bridal to more avant garde fashion.
Print and photography work includes writing articles as a beauty contributor and applying makeup for concept art photography and boudiour as well as advertising/clothing catalogue shoots. I've also worked as the lead MUA for a photography studio in Honolulu, two news stations, commercials, a movie, and a documentary. 

What kinds of products do you use?

​Unlike many MUAs, who exclusively use a specific product line, I am always experimenting with different brands and combinations. When I find a product I love, I use it.

Some of the product lines I trained with and routinely use are: MAC, Makeup Forever, Temptu,  Ben Nye, Dermalogica. 

Note: Sanitation is a cornerstone of my business. Brushes and applicators are cleaned after every use.

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